Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Advice to my prospective Tory MP

I have a glossy leaflet from my local prospective Conservative MP, I know who she is and where she lives but we'll pass on that.
She asks me to tick three of 8 boxes to indicate which issues concern me ( Education, Law & Order, Not Enough Recycling Facilities FFS ! , Congestion/Pollution etc. ), I ticked "other" and wrote on the line provided
" empty the bins ".
She further asks " Which one thing could our local council do to improve your quality of life ? "

"Empty the bins, I require nothing else"

I identify myself as male, aged 46-65, likely to vote UKIP out of the choices offered.
She goes on to ask me about my opinion on national issues and then asks for my comments in a smallish box.
" Defend borders and uphold the law, end of remit ( H/T Old Holborn ), disarm the Police, sell the NHS, close the BBC, leave the EU, stop picking on Muslims, abandon fake charities, disband ACPO, expose XglobaX climate change scam, de-reform local councils, no more Directors Of Directorates, ta "

Monday, 23 February 2009

a few favorite pictures stolen from other bloggers

This from Grumpy Old Twat http://grumpyoldrwat.blogspot.com/

An image originally from Old Holborn but this improved one is from The Door In The Wall http://myhgwellsblog.blogspot.com/