Wednesday, 18 March 2009

competition time

Your task for today :
A) Use any Three ( 3 ) of the following words or phrases to make a complete sentence that means anything.
B) Choose One ( 1 ) word or Phrase from the following and define it.

Across-the-piece, Actioned, Advocate, Agencies, Ambassador, Area based, Area focused, Autonomous, Baseline, Beacon, Benchmarking, Best Practice, Blue sky thinking, Bottom-Up ,CAAs, Can do culture, Capabilities, Capacity, Capacity building, Cascading, Cautiously welcome, Challenge, Champion ,Citizen empowerment, Client, Cohesive communities, Cohesiveness, Collaboration, Commissioning, Community engagement, Compact, Conditionality, Consensual, Contestability, Contextual, Core developments, Core Message, Core principles, Core Value, Coterminosity, Coterminous, Cross-cutting, Cross-fertilisation, Customer, Democratic legitimacy, Democratic mandate, Dialogue, Direction of travel, Distorts spending priorities, Double devolution, Downstream, Early Win, Edge-fit, Embedded, Empowerment, Enabler, Engagement, Engaging users, Enhance, Evidence Base, Exemplar, External challenge, Facilitate, Fast-Track, Flex, Flexibilities and Freedoms, Framework, Fulcrum, Functionality, Funding streams, Gateway review, Going forward, Good practice, Governance, Guidelines, Holistic, Holistic governance, Horizon scanning, Improvement levers, Incentivising, Income streams, Indicators, Initiative, Innovative capacity, Inspectorates, Interdepartmental, Interface, Iteration, Joined up, Joint working, LAAs, Level playing field, Lever, Leverage, Localities, Lowlights ,MAAs, Mainstreaming, Management capacity, Meaningful consultation, Meaningful dialogue, Mechanisms, Menu of Options, Multi-agency, Multidisciplinary, Municipalities, Network model, Normalising, Outcomes, Outcomes, Output, Outsourced, Overarching, Paradigm, Parameter, Participatory, Partnership working, Partnerships,Pathfinder, Peer challenge, Performance Network, Place shaping, Pooled budgets, Pooled resources, Pooled risk, Populace, Potentialities, Practitioners, Predictors of Beaconicity, Preventative services, Prioritization, Priority, Proactive, Process driven, Procure, Procurement, Promulgate, Proportionality, Protocol, Provider vehicles, Quantum, Quick hit, Quick win, Rationalisation, Rebaselining, Reconfigured, Resource allocation, Revenue Streams, Risk based, Robust, Scaled-back, Scoping, Sector wise, Seedbed, Self-aggrandizement, Service users, Shared priority, Shell developments, Signpost, Single conversations, Single point of contact, Situational, Slippage, Social contracts, Social exclusion, Spatial, Stakeholder, Step change, Strategic, Strategic priorities, Streamlined, Sub-regional, Subsidiarity, Sustainable, Sustainable communities, Symposium, Synergies, Systematics, Taxonomy, Tested for Soundness, Thematic, Thinking outside of the box, Third sector, Toolkit, Top-down, Trajectory, Tranche, Transactional, Transformational, Transparency, Upstream, Upward trend, Utilise, Value-added, Vision, Visionary, Welcome, Wellbeing, Worklessness.

Full list of words ' banned ' by the Local Government Association supplied by

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

discussing the divine comedy with dante

Margaret Thatcher is supposed to be there somewhere but I have yet to find her

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Royal Anglians Parade Luton, The Backlash

We didn't see this in the mainstream press, why not ?

H/T Dazed & Confused @ Old Holborn

Saturday, 7 March 2009

police to hack computers

H/T anonymous @

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

brave new world

In practise for post March 18th posting.
I deeply admire Gordon Brown and promise to vote for him if he decides to let us have an election ( not that we really need one).
I think it right and proper that his most senior assistant, Lord Mandelson, resides in the upper house safe from the opinions of the electorate.
Having done such a superb job as Chancellor of the Exchequer I am happy to see him saving the world from the America based Global Financial Crisis ( well done Mr Brown for telling that novice Mr Obama a thing or two ).
I will shortly be venturing onto our finely Policed streets ready to celebrate any chance encounter with hard working ethnic minority co-citizens who add such an essential diversity to our thriving economy.
I have seen the light and will be giving up smoking and alcohol; further, I pledge to join the Citizens Patrols and help root out and educate those who continue with such disgusting and anti-social behaviours.

Finally I would just like to add my thanks to any passing internet monitors and wish them well in their task of making the web safe for ordinary people like you and me.