Friday, 30 October 2009

Competition Time !

Spot the faking on the cover of Al Gores new bok. "Our Choice: A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis ", so it's officially no longer climate change but Climate Crisis, got that ?

H/T Whats Up With That

A modest prize awaits for whoever spots all, or most, of the Photoshopping that has gone on to produce this dust jacket.


Update pic, H/T It Don't Make Sense, Nickie Goomba.

Consolation prize for BARKING SPIDER Yay !

Monday, 26 October 2009

Community Cohesion Awards 2009

" Todays Youth For A Modern Britain Tomorrow " was PM Gordon Browns rallying cry today as he presented the very first Community Cohesion and Climate Carnage Concern4RKids awards to the best of British Youth.
Pictured here with someone else he presents Kyle Andrews with his Community Concern Medal ( 2nd. Class ) recieved for, as young Kyle explained " Well me Nan come for lunch an said she wanted to say 'grace' or somink but me teacher warned me about " religio-facist christianite nutjobs " trying to neo-colonise me brain an I told her to fuck right off an told me 'personal wellness co-ordinator' who sorted the old rat bag right out". Pictured with Kyle are his brothers Wayne Beckett ( r ) and Ashleigh Khan ( l ) .

Not to be outdone; Community & Diversity Tsarperson Hazel Blears instructs youngsters on the correct use of In-Home monitoring equipment for use when the oldies start moaning about " them darkies coming over 'ere, taking our jobs " behind closed doors. " Y'see kids, what we need do is challenge the old tory stereotypes of them sticking up for the likes of you and me..." while George M. of year group 12 said

"don't fancy yours much, mate ".

Meanwhile, grand old trouper John Prescott is still there celebrating awareness of Man Made Climate Götterdämmerung with the kids of Gosforth High ( flanked by his two minders ). Asked if the Governments promotion of Community Awareness Diversity & Climate spelled a threat to more traditional youth movements John replied.
"There are currently no Government Whitepapers to outlaw the relict of empire, sexist, racist, classbound, homophobic outfits known as Boy Scouts and or Girl Guides who are mostly bothered with burning fires, tieing things up and stabbing stuff but Hey, you never know "! He joshed, jokingly, because, however many of their ' Adult Helpers' managed to fool the CRB, not many of them have yet got approval from the Independent Safeguarding Authority which leads to worrying questions about why they want to rape our kids".

Friday, 23 October 2009

worst recession ever ?

If this is The Worst Recession Ever why does the manager of my local KFC say they are having a record year ? Folks downsizing from proper restaurants maybe ? Nope, the manager of our Wanamaga says the same and so did the Meat Manager of Booker Wholsale Cash'n'Carry to me just yesterday.
I can understand that there might be pockets of difficulty, London with its' swarms of zombie X-Bankers and the West Midlands feeling the decline of the remains of heavy industry but The Worst Recession Ever is not happening around here nor in many other areas with whose inhabitants I have discussed it.
Worst Recession Ever

Worst Recession Ever file under scare-mongering lies alongside WMD, Swine Flu Pandemic, Climate Carnage, Domestic Terrorism etc.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Have Your Say

Alcohol Focus Scotland Fake Charity

Vote on the statement " Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society, I support minimum pricing (? )"
We are already winning 68% - 32 % Yay !

Alcohol Focus Scotland must be very important because they employ all these people
Professor Peter Brunt (Chair)
Jack Law (Chief Executive)
Secretary to Chief Executive Anne-Marie Adie
Director of Services Barbara O'Donnell
Communications Officer Gillian Bell
Marketing Officer Barry McGinness
Policy Officer (p/t) Diane Thomson
Head of Training Mary Ellmers
ServeWise Training Manager Linda Bowie
Alcohol Services Training Manager John Marletta
Training Officer Jane Wilson
Training Co-ordinator (p/t) Jane Falconer
Administrator Denis McCusker
Administrator Ian O'Donnell
Head of Business Development Vacant
Project Manager Jennifer Curran
User Involvement Development Manager Laura McFadzen
User Involvement Development Officer (Alcohol) John Dunn
User Involvement Development Officer (Alcohol & Drugs) Caroline Kessell
National Licensing Development Officer Damien Cohen
Gender Issues Network on Alcohol (GINA) Officer Denise Gildea
Community Project Officer Charlie Bryceland
SNAPY Project Officer Ryan Wenstrup-Moore
SNAPY Project Admin Assistant Heather Nancollis
Head of Finance & Human Resources Christina McKenzie
Office Manager Alan Campbell
Finance Officer John Bamford
Finance Assistant (p/t) Donna Allan
Receptionist Katie Stewart
Trainee Administrative Assistant Jennifer Stirling
Alcohol Focus Scotland Executive Committee
Dr Mac Armstrong
Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan
Ms Gillian Donald
Professor Gerard Hastings
Mr Ian Innes
Mr Stephen MacDonald
Mr Harry Miller
Dr Peter Rice
Mr Paul Waterson
Mr Chris Wigglesworth

WTF do they all do ?

Friday, 16 October 2009

Bribery or Spin ?

On Thursday afternoon BBC Radio 2 ran a lengthy article about a government initiative to pump support into 27 areas of the " white working class " who mysteriously feel wronged by mass immigration and who 'think' they have become a minority in their own land. I was astonished to hear this view on the Beeb and more so when a few old codgers were allowed to voice similar concerns.

I am unsure whether Labour are just bribing their old voters into not deserting them or desperatly trying to outflank the BNP with this. Pretending at last to care about their core residual vote or whether they are just plain lying since it appears that the "support" on offer is not cash but about " changing perceptions ".

I have not seen any mention of this initiative eleswhere

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

we can CHANGE the world

An exiting new initiative to combat Climate Meltdown is launched by the charity 'Action 4 Environment NOW ! '
All households will be required to store their domestic faecal matter in containers supplied by their Local Council and transport it at their convenience to the windfarm of their choice. Here the faecal matter will be used in methane generators to provide back-up power for when it is not windy or too windy for the windfarms to work.
This requirement will be entirely voluntary and Councils will be rolling out a nationwide household sewage outlet blockage scheme at a cost yet to be determined.
" It's a bit like when everyone converted to Natural Gas really " said Ros D'Souza of 'Action 4 Environment NOW !
"Obviously all that driving about with a bootload of ordure will drive up demand for local windfarms so it's win-win all round " she added "because it means we can close down all the horrid coal power stations and won't need to build any more nuclear." she said ( ).

The Faecal Facilitating Containers ( already dubbed " thunderboxes " by some wiley oldsters ) will be supplied by private contractors overseen by the regulator OffAEC who will also be responible for prosecuting those who seek to dispose of their Household Faecal Matter in any other way. Those found guilty by OFFAEC Inspectors of dumping their waste in their neighbours gardens or despoiling our wonderful countryside will be dealt with by £10,000 fines ( + £15 victim surcharge ) and placed on the Enviro Crime Register said Vic Straesar, CEO of OFFAEC.
He stressed " It is all about choice and diversity really. Householders can even choose to include their pets waste; community minded citizens may well volunteer to collect and transport their elderly neighbours or relatives Faecal Waste to the Community Windfarm as part of a fun day out for all the family".
Research has proved that this will save 20,000 tons of CO2 emmissions according to Ros and the benefits will treble when it is rolled out to pubs, restaurants, shops, places of worship and workplaces.

Alf Grumple of Northallerton said " Sounds like a right load of old shit to me ".