Monday, 18 January 2010

Department Of Public Safety. WTF ?

Last week the odious 'Sir' Liam Donaldson, discredited Chief Medical Officer, conceded that the great Swine Flu Pandemic never was and it emerged that it was just a scam to enrich his pals in Big Pharma, lazy journalists and academics looking for easy funding.
So why was there a half page full colour advert in yesterdays Sunday Telegraph promoting swine flu injections for children?

The point of this post is not about Swine Flu, one of the sponsors of that ad was the Orwellian sounding "Department Of Health, Social Services & Public Safety" or DHSSPS for short in that snappy Nu-Labour way.

Fuck me, the last time a Government got involved in Public Safety was during the French Revolution with their Comite du Salut Public run by Robespierre and which led to the Reign Of Terror in which thousands were guillotined, shot or hacked to death, even Robespierre himself, smug cunt.

So you might think it's only Northern Ireland, who cares? Well they often do things there just for starters and to iron out any problems in their evil plans.
Who voted for an overwhelming
Department of Health & Social Services & Public fucking Safety?

Thursday, 7 January 2010

praise where praise is due

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Local Council for the splendid way they dealt with this years first snowfall (first real one in 10 years here*) despite their miserable failure to act over the Xmas cold snap.
By 10am yesterday all the major city roads were clear as were many minor ones. By lunchtime they had gangs of up to 20 workmen shovelling and brushing 2-3 inches of snow off the High St. pavements and 3 other major shopping streets. Hopefully after then gritting the pavements those who venture out this morning will not be faced with the black ice that they had in late December.

Also an excellent job done by the local radio stations who scared most folk into staying at home yesterday, notably school staff and pupils** (together wih a majority in the public sector) and probably today as well thus leaving the roads clear for those few of us who want to use them.

*definition of 'real snow' = widespread appearance of proper lifesize snowpersons, not token ones made of glorified frost.
** to be fair to the state schools, the private ones also closed at lunchtime; the parents who pay for the privilege expect their monies worth so they won't have done that lightly.