Friday, 12 February 2010

Tin Opener Quandry

What's up with tin openers?
You know, like this one
which we've all got 2 or 3 of kicking around the kitchen; boring and reliable, been using for years so how come they don't work anymore? Not just mine but also the one at my mums house.
I saw a different one at Tesco the other day, it only cost a quid but hey, that doesn't work either. Come on Tesco, I don't mind paying a bit more for one that fucking works!
Any suggestions other than trying the Disability Warehouse where they probably sell special ones?

Apologies for recently being AWOL; having a spot of back pain difficulty which our good old NHS is being tardy in sorting out meanwhile recommending an assortment of over the counter pills that either make you feel like shite or mush your brain out; either way the motivation to blog or even keep up to date with the news is much diminished.
Thank you for those that left kind comments.

Update 16th Feb.