Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcanos "all our fault" Official.

Eyælfückingkillyoüåll Eruption yesterday.

"Climate Change could cause more hazardous geological events such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes scientists have warned. In papers published by the (UK) Royal Society, researchers said melting ice, sea level rises, increasingly heavy rains and more frequent storms could affect the earths crust".

WTF? No, sorry, the weather does not affect the earths crust which averages 22 miles solid rock; weather erodes, or 'weathers', it over millenia, even the rise and fall of mountain ranges are marginal.

Give me fucking strength; that little gem appeared on the inside of mondays Telegraph, I expect they made it up for a bit of a laugh. My 'O' level Geology tells me what nonsense it is but, just for starters Royal Society, where was 'AGW' when Pompeii and Herculaneum got pyroclastered? Just how in thrall to the climate alarmists are the supposed scientists to produce such utter tripe, even Al Gore would be embarrassed about that.

Hey, America, it's coming your way!
The Met Office graphic showing the predicted position of the ash cloud at 18.00gmt on April 20th (3 hours from now).

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Rip Off Britain

Firstly, another fail by UK Met Office, spot the typo on their website today "The current situation regarding the volcanic ash and its affects on airspace, flights and airline movement is controlled by National Air Traffic" Prize for the first to see it. Twats http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/corporate/pressoffice/2010/volcano.html 16th April.

Rip Off Britain is alive and well and a good example are those greedy cunts at Car Parking outfit "APCOA".

Following the failed ram raid explosions at Glasgow Airport our local one blocked road access to the main terminals by planting oversized plant pots in the way, to 'enhance security' and required drivers dropping off and collecting passengers to do so within the short term parking area. Fair enough, they allowed 15 mins of "free-time" which is generally enough to drop off or collect my partner or whoever.

Now they have re-jigged it to just ten minutes (probably eight in reality) and anyone who tries the old trick of leaving just before their "free time" expires and re-entering find themselves clobbered with an immediate eye-watering charge of two fucking quid!

Tell me this APCOA, since I didn't ask to use your poxy car park but am obliged to by anti-terrorism measures, whose fault is it that I might need to wait more than ten minutes while picking up my loved ones? Shit Airport website that frequently lies about the expected arrival times of flights? Bone idle, lazy baggage handlers who can't be arsed to get their job done quickly? Overzealous customs and passport wankers suspicious that my friends might be smuggling fags* and booze in the light of disgusting tax levels?
Fucked up air traffic control that leaves planes circling for ages while they sort themselves out?

My passengers don't delay themselves and neither do I. APCOA plead the cost of running the airport car parks. Whose fault is that then? How much does it cost to run a bit of asphalt? Fucking loads if you install automatic barriers and shed loads of number recognition CCTVs and then employ blokes to sort it all out when it goes wrong.

APCOA, fleecing the public in the wake of anti-terror measures. Still, at least one good thing comes out of the Icelandic Volcano Horror, APCOA will be getting fuck all income from their rip-off carparks for few days.

Update* For my US readers, 'fags' is slang for cigarettes rather than homosexuals, sorry for any confusion.

Prize Update. You slowcoaches will have to get with it. The ever alert Captain Haddock spotted it first and here is his prize.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

dirty smokers

H/T Pavlov's Cat on a topic discussed at Leg_Iron

Friday, 2 April 2010

hackney school vid lives on


I wasn't going to post about degenerate Labour hag Diane Abbott using schoolchildren to promote her self serving political agenda since Old Holborn and others had exposed this muck quite satisfyingly but since the control mongs of shamefaced Labour have got at Youtube and Daily Motion to delete their own material here it is again and here is Barking Spiders take on it "here is the disgusting video showing Hackney schoolchildren being indoctrinated to praise Comrade Diane Abbott in a similar way to the indoctrination tactics practised in North Korea and the old Soviet Union/Eastern bloc. They perform the "Diane Abbott Crap"...... (the "C" is silent!)"

Might I suggest that other bloggers likewise upload it on their pages and see if Labour can delete us all.