Monday, 24 May 2010

Celebrating Diversity

Our local free 'newspaper' arrived over the weekend. It had an additional front/back page, in colour, telling us all about

Arrive early to avoid the queue!!!

World Big-Top*Community Stage*
Acoustic Cafe*Bollywood Cafe-Bar*
Playday & Activity Day*C0-Operative Village*
Healing Zone*Market Stalls*Fire Service Demos*
Campaigns & Communities*&More!

"All the elememnts of the city's annual celebration of diversity in a free two-day festival!"

(here be logos of the Co-Op, Unison, city council, county council, University, Police Service and County Fire & Rescue).

Well it all sounds jolly exciting and I can't wait to be entertained, free, by the 'Ugandan Worldbeat Collective' while supping Fairtrade drinks, taking care to avoid the Woodcraft Folk of course; the diverse local talent on the Community Stage might be fun though I'm thinking of complaining about the 'Arabesque Delights' which are reported to include bellydancing which is not appropriate AT ALL, especially as there will be children present. Amnesty International are sharing the Campaigns and Communities stall with recycling and the Hindu Temple while at the Co-Operative Village the Co-Op will be flogging their banking and insurance services.

I'll probably have to visit the Sensory Garden for some Complimentary Therapy if it all gets overwhelming.
Respect 2010 "The City's annual celebration of diversity to say NO to racism and all forms of prejudice"

Trouble is, this is probably one of the least diverse cities in the country, apart from the university our ethnic population (excluding a fair number of east Europeans who blend in well with the locals) is something like 1-2%, mostly hard at work in catering and retailing. We don't have a Hindu temple and as I examined the background pics I noticed that the large group of cheery Asians playing tug-of-war were not at the venue advertised, indeed they were not at any local place that I recognised. The picture was probably taken in Luton.

Of course it is not free at all, it is paid for by me, the Council Tax payer and must have cost a bloody fortune and how many hours did the lazy council wasters spend on this touchy feely oh so fucking righteous nonsense?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

"They" don't like it up 'em

I took a taxi today and during our journey we saw a load of bollards in the middle of the road and a gaggle of Young Persons in Hi Vis jackets together with some Transport Police. Turns out it is the County Council holding a traffic census on a road that they have seriously fucked up in recent years.

Our Young Person approached my driver, clearly recording his number plate on her hand held electrical device, and asked him for the postcode of where he had begun his journey.
Putting on his best 'pissed off taxi-driver' voice he replied "Got no idea love".
YP "Well what road did you start from"
TD "Can't tell you that, my passenger has the right of confidentiallity"
YP "But we are The Council!"
TD " Wotever"
YP "Well can you tell me where you are going?"
TD "Can't tell you that either darlin', Data Protection"

At this point she looked to the uniformed Police Officer for support but he just shrugged his shoulders and we drove on. "Well done driver" says I and tipped him handsomely at our journeys end.