Wednesday, 27 October 2010


1)Chinese "human trafficking" their crooks? I was chatting with a (black) Malawian postgrad Civil Engineering student, he told me that the Chinese were winning many civil engineering contracts in his country including the construction of their new Parliament building. He added that the construction crews were Chinese, convicted Chinese criminals and that at the end of their sentence they were set free as 'citizens' of Malawi. Apart from this reminding me of Britains former policy of Transportation to the colonies for felons, for which we are supposed to feel so much remorse, my interlocutor added that "The Government might say these Chinese are citizens but naturally the people don't". Now where have I heard that argument before?
This was all new to yours truly Banned and I was duly appalled but
Coincidentally I later found myself talking to a fully qualified English professional Civil Engineer who confirmed that it was well known that the Chinese have been doing this for years in Central Asia and Angola and that the working conditions of the criminals were akin to Americas Chain Gangs or Soviet Gulags.

2) I declined to renew my membership of the RAC because because they wanted to charge me 60% more than last year (for using their service once, just to help change a wheel at the roadside). 4 days later I got a TEXT advert from the AA offering me their services. I am not a text ad spam monkey and have only ever had one before. (For my burgeoning American readership the RAC and AA are the two major UK companies that assist motorists in the event of a breakdown or accident).
Coincidence? I don't think so.

3) A sort of friend was telling me the other day about being threatened by her local 'friendly reassuring uniformed presence on the street' PCSO goon with an instant fine and an Anti-Social Behaviour Order
(US = Police Civilian Support Officer) for the crime of allowing her infant son to play in the street and "Criminally Damage" it by chalking on it during his play. I told her it was rubbish and to ignore him.
I coincidentally later mentioned this to an academic lawyer of my aquaintance who suggested that it was "bollox" making up the law as he goes along and that, if she had the strength and inner resources, she should go to the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) to which I concurred, plus also an appeal to our local MP who, though a fully fledged Marxist member of the former EX-socialsist regime has a remarkably good record of helping private citizens, especially if it is against "The Council".

Friday, 22 October 2010

f***'ing fascists won in the end

Two comments on a recent New Statesman demand for Vince Cable to press on with Labours anti-smoking regime.
Smoking Hot
23 October 2010 at 00:22
Read this Mr Cable. l had the honour of taking D-Day veterans back to Normandy this July courtesy of Heroes Return. What follows is a conversation that l was party too. lt is verbatim and the only alterations l shall make is censoring the swearing. Don't judge them by the swearing either, they were in each others company and no ladies or children were present. lf they had been present they would've behaved like the gentlemen they are.
"Later on when l'd taken them to bar and we were sat out in the sun having a beer ... and a smoke, one of the vets said " Y'know, l used to enjoy a pint and a smoke at the pub but it's not worth going anymore. Hardly anyone goes. When l have been and l want a smoke l've got to shuffle out on these f'ing sticks. Doesn't matter if it's pouring with rain, blowing a gale, f'ing snowing ... out l f'ing go"
He went on "What really pi**es me off is all them f'ing anti-smoking c**ts. They say it's better for me, it's healthier, it's for my own good ... l'm 85 for ffs!"

His mate replied " Makes you wonder why we bothered, f'ing fascists won in the end"

Images of England

H/T Calling England

23 October 2010 at 01:30
Oh dear all tobacco products & smokers have to be hidden from sight because poor Lorna wants to quit.

I do despair at times at the mentality of some people, I really do.

ASH are solely resposnible for this: I imagine Glanzt, & his toe curling lawyer friend Banz, Arnott et al are slapping each other on the back for a job well done.

88-year-old woman told to butt out - or be evicted

CALGARY—Friends and family of an 88-year-old

Calgary woman say the lifelong smoker is "ashamed and embarrassed" after she was told to find another place to live because her residence has gone smoke-free.

Philipina Schergevitch, who has smoked for 73 years, has been living at the Francis Klein Centre for a decade.

The centre is run by the Bishop O'Byrne Housing for Seniors Association, which banned smoking in July.

Schergevitch's daughter, Liz Daniels, said her mother is devastated over the news she has to find a new home by the end of this month as her lease isn't being renewed.

Daniels said her mother is so stressed out, she hasn't yet told her she'll be forced to move.

"Who expects to be evicted at age 88?" Daniels asked.

The association provides affordable housing for people who are functionally independent.

Daniels said her mother has been smoking since she was 15 and has tried to quit, but at age 88, it's hard. She's been smoking in her suite since she moved there in 2000.

"I understand no one likes smoking, but are these people lepers?" said Daniels. "It's not fair. These people have contributed all their lives and now they're treated like this."

Three cheers for ASH & Co.

Housing No Juden

Employment No Juden

Parks/beaches No Juden

No medical treatment No Juden

Bar/clubs/cafes No Juden

Carriers of disease Juden

Dirty/Smelly/Vile Juden

Shunned by society Juden

Medical experiments Juden

With enforced NRT for the mentally ill and the American woman that is promoting paying drug addicts to be sterlised I think we've been taken back 70 years.

All those mentioned above were practiced by a regime that used the propaganda 'it's for the children' whose scientists/doctors selected who was healthy & who wasn't, who was fit to live in their utopia and who wasn't.

It was called eugenics, and I fear that's where we're heading now, dressed up as 'public health.'

Like then the propagandists, scientists/doctors convinced otherwise normal, decent people to shun and hate those that were singled out.

I know it's said you've lost the argument when you mention WW2 but there's too many similarities to what's going on with smokers to dismiss it. Just replace Juden with smokers and any right minded person can see it. And high on its heels, once again courtesy of a 2 year blueprint of the WHO, drinkers next. And courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation the overweight are also in for a good denormalising bashing.

The WHO has turned into a monstrous organisation whose remit when created was to minister medicines to third world countries. Who gave them permission to branch out into dictating what people can and can't do. I think this taxpayer funded entity, along with the UN and EU should be abolished before the damage it does to populations around the world gets totally out of hand.

To be truthful I'm more fearful of the WHO, UN, EU and our own government more than I am of terrorists, I believe we have more to fear from these and the so-called caring profession, I refer to them as the medical mafia. n reality ASH and the relent rise of anti-smoking clinics & groups that have sprung up in the last 3 years, basically are just puppets of the real master the WHO.

The damage these organisations and their puppets have done is tragic, they've turned otherwise, decent, normal people, through propagandised fear, into hatemongers.

Shame on them all, though I suspect they revel in the comparison I've laid out above."

H/T Dick Puddlecote

Thursday, 21 October 2010

lack of blogging

Recent lack of blogging due to widescreen telly/monitor going tits up last Friday, no recourse to repair shop 'till Tuesday and no likelihood of said repair (to replacement of power unit @£150.00) until early next week, managed to borrow this titchy monitor from me mate today .
On the plus side I re-discovered bedroom living as I was left with no more than my fave old TV/Vid Combo
quite handy and cut down on the heating bills as Britain was plunged back into Ice-Age winter because of climate change.
Augmented after a couple of days by the purchase of a simple DVD player, only.
which allowed acccess to my DVD collection (twenty quid from Tesco, bargain!)

Monday, 11 October 2010


By 'Henrybrubaker' (Not my rant).

"The mask is slipping, the true face of eco-fascism is showing more and more every day. No longer are the green lobby satisfied with spouting their endless nazi-like propaganda (for it has failed, for all the resources put behind it, the CAGW message has failed) They are moving towards simply attacking those who do not agree. Demanding dissenting voices are removed.

The 10:10 film is a prime example. Whilst its unlikely at this point that eco-fascists will kill your children (did people think that the holocaust was likely in 1933 or even later whilst Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party was spoouting hate filled anti-semetic propaganda?) The message is simple: Do not talk about your opposition to the 'settled science' do not raise your concernes that you do not believe in CAGW or we will damage you.

Eco-fascists are very much like Nazi fascists: they are socialists, they are extreme and they are willing to go to any lengths to protect their criminal schemes. If they are not confronted, discredited and defeated could the future bring us an eco-genocide? There are those on the side of 'gaia' who think that is exactly what should happen.

The parallels between the green movement and Nazi germany are there for all to see. How did germany turn from an industrious nation of decent hardworking people to the barbarism of the last years of the Reich? Does anyone believe that the majority of Germans, if asked their opinions would have supported the Final Solution or the barbarity of Germanys war in the east? I doubt it, but it wasnt the majority who ran the whole criminal scheme, it was a minority of fascists who used coercion and threats of death/ imprisionment to silence the majoity.

The greenies will scream at me 'How dare you compare us to the Nazis, we are not the same, we dont want to build the death camps etc...'. Perhaps not, perhaps the majoity of those CAGW supporters, even the rabid ones here like Aphillips, Bje Tolstoi probably dont want to kill us all. However, these people are the tools, the useful idiots, of the extremist eco-fascists. They do the ground work for people with views like Pentti Linkola, the finnish eco-fascist who wants to destroy the majority of humanity and essentially enslave the rest.

You, those who spout your rabid CAGW lies, who propose that those who disagree are banned/silenced/killed are laying the ground work for a monster, an eco-Hitler. If you have your way, the majority will be silenced, the majority will fear speaking out... Think about that, think about your role in all of this. No Pressure and all that.

This isnt 1939, we should not and will not be silenced by fanatics. Take your CAGW rubbish away, your discredited IPCC, you hypocritcal celebrity mouthpieces with their massive carbon jackboot prints. We wont be fooled again.

For the record I will not feed the trolls and I am not in the pay of 'Big Oil'. But I wish I was.

'Henrybrubaker' Recommended by 54 people to date.
on James Delingpoles Daily Telegraph blog 8th October 2010.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

1010, I Kill Children, directors cut.

To celebrate 1010s big day today 10/10/10 geddit? It even works in American!

pic h/t

Friday, 8 October 2010

10 10 no pressure best spoof yet

This one ^ has made into the Daily Telegraph. Embedded on James Delingpoles blog

10 10s list of supporters has declined from 90,000 to 70,000 in the last 24 hours (10 10 10 is tomorrow of course, their big day) but one of the latest sign ups is "Boycott 02" LOL.

According to Richard North at EU Referendum Total Youtube views for the various "No Pressure " uploads and spoofs stands at over one and a half million.

This from Grumpy Old Twat

Dept. of WTF! 1. Cause & Effect.

This appeared in todays UK Daily Telegraph
"Rough and tumble games dying out"
Traditional childhood pastimes such as climbing trees playing in the park and swimming in a lake are all things of the past a study has found..."
(small snippet, not archived).

This is a conker fight, does the USA do this?

In the same issue was a story of an English Town Council placing the following notice on the trunk of a horsechestnut tree because a conker had fallen on the head of a passing schoolgirl.

The Telegraph are slack twats and have yet to archive this but the local papers have picked up on it.
Council 'bonkers' for conkers alert

We learn about conkers before we can read and they are a good thing because they improve mind-body co-ordination both in the game itself and in the collection of said conkers by throwing branches and rocks into the branches to make them fall down. Everyone KNOWS THIS aged about 4 or 5..

It gets worse.

"Killjoy officials accused of 'nanny state' madness as they take children's conkers"
"Rather than risk children damaging themselves or property by collecting conkers, Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council is responding to residents' requests to get to them first.
Conker thieves.

Residents requests my arse. NO member of the British public would make any such request since we ALL did it in our childhood.

Martin Callanan, the north-east's Tory MEP, said: "Words fail me. It's the nanny state gone mad. I used to collect conkers as a lad and I never injured myself and nor did any of my friends.
"Children do get injured climbing trees and it is laudable the council wishes to stop that happening but there must be better things they could do with their time. They could clean the streets for a start.

London Evening Standard on Conkers Bonkers

To be fair, the Council that stole the conkers did deliver them to schools to enable conker fighting (but it ain't the same as getting your own), no doubt dished out to ensure gender and racial equality. But the Council that posted the "BEWARE" notice stuck it on the tree itself, thus requiring you to place yourself in "danger" of falling conkers in order to read it.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

have your say

Proud Sponsor.

Ageing hippy hypocrite

Voodoo charm?

Nice handcuffs girls.

1010s Youtube Account

Their most viewed vid has 2 "likes" and 25 "dislikes" RESULT!

Just for fun I just "disliked" all 14 of their vids.

10 10 Splattergate

even better Downfall spoof

H/T AngryExile @

Monday, 4 October 2010

Splattergate, Downfall

Metacafe WANKERS removed it, no matter

Cheers Spidey!

pic H/T Joe Public who made it here

You can too.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

kill 'em all (now officially SPLATTERGATE)

Please read my previous post before this one or it won't make much sense.

New improved version of 10:10 "No Pressure" vid

pic/ H/T Grumpy Old Twat

"behind the scenes", also hastily deleted by the deluded idiots at "10:10".

moslem version

Friday, 1 October 2010

"No Pressure"

Eco loons threaten to slay children Shock!
Catch it on Youtube before they pull it, again.

But when they do, here it is at Eyetube, H/T microdave

Full story Daily Telegraph James Delingpole

Franny, Lizzie, Eugenie and the whole 10:10 team apolgised for the vid, as someone pointed out in the Telegraph comments, "There is always a Fran, usually a Roz too but she must have been out".