Monday, 27 December 2010

Banned, gone to "Dunblogging"

Back in November I did a post have your say 3, tobacco-hate crime
in support of Leg-Irons piece about Junican putting in a fatuous entry when the BMJ (British Medical Journal) held a competition to find more hate filled slogans for their anti-smoking cabal.Leg-Iron: Break Their Toys

As pointed out by
Leg-Iron: The Art Of Smoke War
Dick Puddlecote: Unfortunately He Can't Be With Us tonight

Junican bloody won!

So far up their own self-righteous arses the 'scientists' didn't realise that Junicans entry was a trojan horse and that the huge majority his entry gained was the result of a campaign by bloggers.

Here comes the reason for the 'caution' in the title of this post.

A comment on Dicks reporting of this victory : SickofitAll said...
I'm not in a very good mood.I left a comment on the bmj site - I don't think it will make it past the moderators so here it is for posterity.Apologies for the swearing.

"fuck off and die you bunch of nazi fucks.You've turned a quarter of the british population into social outcasts using lies junk science and propaganda.You've wrecked the pub trade.This bullshit ban has killed more people than passive smoking ever will.Real people - like the nurse forced off hospital grounds for a fag who was knifed by a lunatic -not projected statistical deaths based on bullshit computer models.You're a bunch of control freaks.You are paid by the likes of pfizer to push their ineffective patches and gum and suicidal pills.I fucking hate you and your profession.I've paid for my iron lung-and her brats incubator,and that fat bastards reinforced bed.Deny me medical treatment for smoking and I'll carve your golf course up with a fucking jcb.Your hospitals are filthy cesspits of death and disease.Your doctors are incompetent murderers.Your nurses are so overworked they dont give a fuck anymore.You waste money on propaganda ,faulty IT,and useless penpushers.You should all be lined up against a wall and shot in your motherfucking faces.Then anally raped with a fucking sandwedge.I don't even hope this is published.Its good enough that one of you stasi fucks will read this before its binned. You've severely underestimated the hatred brewing for you lying cunts."

Bravo that man! I put a comment there too as "notdeadyet" can't remember what it was but it stayed for quite a while until the BMJ took a closer look at their third party hosted poll.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Met Office V Piers Corbyn

On Xmas Eve the Met Office trashy website ( was, despite the freezy evidence from looking out of its own windows, predicting a sudden thaw with temperatures of balmy 4-8 degrees+C in these parts come Boxing Day (the day after Xmas day for my American friends though when it falls on a weekend it becomes St. Stephens Day so Boxing Day comes the day after that but that's now a BanK Holiday because Xmas was a Saturday, it's so confusing).

Independent meteorologist Piers Corbyn, supported by the UK Daily Telegraph and London Mayor Boris Johnston, was predicting last week that we were in for more snow this Boxing Day evening and again on the 29th Jan.
Okey dokey, let's see then.

Dec 26, 2010
The green hijack of the Met Office is crippling Britain By Christopher Booker
" Dr David Viner of the CRU famously predicted to The Independent in 2000 that “within a few years winter snowfall will be a very rare and exciting event” Thanks Dave, I'm really excited.
"There would not be another winter like 1962/3 “for 1,000 years or more” No? Really? Well what do you call this then?.

Note & Quote > Vladimir Petuchov then adds a line, which I think will become infamous down the road:
Hard winters do not refute global warming, instead they more so confirm it.”

H/T oldrightie.blogspot

Preview, today (Sunday 26th) at 5am it was 12 degrees below Zero C, in town.

White Stripes describing todays weather.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

the w*nker and the pr*ck @Xmas.

As I coldly struggled home in the dark through the bad streets of my red-brick Victorian suburb where the 10 inches of snow was not 'deep and crisp and even'; it has been reduced to about 2 inches of compacted black-ice pitted and scored with treacherous tyre and footprints. I noticed this chap in jogging gear pussyfooting over an iced up road junction and thought "what a wanker?" Then there was the rather iffy looking bloke who emerged from the siberian Municipal Gardens in a stupid hat, "prick" flashed across my brain before "aaaagh!" I've gone arse over tit crashing to the rock hard pavement smashing my knee and scraping my thigh and hands but luckily no head contact.

Naturally the 'wanker' and the 'prick' rushed to my aid with
"Are you alright mate?"
"Do you want a hand?"
"Your shoppings gone all over, don't worry, I'll get it"
"You sure you don't need an ambulance!"

By now I had recovered my composure sufficiently for my embarrassment to be more important than any possible injury.
"Nah, I'm alright mate (to the 'wanker') thanks anyway"
"Cheers mate, thanks no (to the 'iffy prick'), ta very much, I only live over there."
This is not intended to be a "Good Samaritan" post, it really happened.

Christmas Eve update

Stille Nacht

Merry Christmas everybody except Ed Miliband.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Warmism Prebunked, 1990

As I awoke to an unprecedented of 10 inches* of snow I went to wattsupwiththat to read about London Mayor Boris Johnson applauding Piers Corbyn on his success in predicting yet another shitty winter in despite of the Met Office getting it wrong, yet again, by saying that it will be mild or 'above average'.

In the comments were links to a very interesting documentary from a decade ago that debunked the 4 pillars of Global Warmism. In all they last about thirty minutes and make for very interesting viewing, Piers Corbyn is one of those interviewed at the time.

1 GreenhouseConspiracy 01 Warmist Apocolypse bollox.

2 GreenhouseConspiracy 02 Urban hot spots bollox.

3 GreenhouseConspiracy 03 Arctic sea ice bollox

4 GreenhouseConspiracy 04 Models bollox.

5 GreenhouseConspiracy 05 Carbon dioxide bollox.

6 GreenhouseConspiracy 06 Catastrophe bollox.

H/T wattsupwiththat "Shane Muir".
December 19, 2010 at 9:35 pm
This from 1990

Loyal readers will be pleased to know that I have already ventured out into the car-less wonderland to garner precious supplies of fags & booze sufficient to last a few days and cleared most of nearly a fucking foot of snow off my car in readiness for the next time I might be able to use it.

*Banned does not do centimetres

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nigel Farage 15th December

"Illegal bailouts...treaty change leads to referendum...Cameron might keep his promise. 2010 will go down as the year when the European public woke up to the sheer stupidity of their leaders...that the bail-outs were illegal...Belgium, a non-nation trying to abolish our nation; a microcosm of the EU, Belgium is about to fall to bits
and the rest will follow...Happy Christmas everybody".

h/t Old Rightie

Meanwhile Greeks give us another lesson in Democracy in action

h/t Mud in the Blood

Meanwhile. Christmas comes early. 2 White British Moslem Converts killed by US Drone attack on al-Qaeda


Xmas present for friends that you don't like

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Banning Christmas

Council bans school lollipop mans Xmas headgear Man Widdicombe

Santa Ban in Australia
One commenter comments The UK has gone far down this path now and in truth it seems that, aside from a very small minority of religious extremists and bigots (who I think we’re still allowed not to approve of in the pc rule book), the objections and pushes to ban anything even vaguely connected to Christianity are really coming from supporters of the secular movement and not from those of other faiths at all.

For those monkeys who think that Christmas images will offend Moslems. Here is the worlds most expensive Christmas tree , click for location.

Statement from the UK Health & Safety Executive re Office Xmas decorations
"Each year we hear of companies banning their workers from putting up Christmas decorations in their offices for ‘health and safety’ reasons, or requiring the work to be done by a ‘qualified’ person.
Most organisations including HSE and local councils manage to put up their decorations, celebrating the spirit of Christmas without a fuss. They just sensibly provide their staff with suitable step ladders to put up decorations rather than expecting staff to balance on wheelie chairs."
Which deals nicely with this contribution from microdave.
The Dangers of Christmas Trees

From America 12 PC Days Of Christmas

h/t All Seeing Eye

UK Red Cross Bans Xmas

2007 Trevor Phillips,(the black) chairman of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission, recently urged everyone to ‘stop being daft’ and put the Christ back into Christmastime: ‘It’s fine to celebrate and it’s fine for Christ to be the star of the show.’ Cheers Trev, thanks a lot.

Oxford gives in to fake charity
"Oxford council have listened to an ideas group they fund regarding christmas. This group (oxford inspire) believe christmas is not inclusive enough to other faiths so they have renamed it Winterville. Instead of a christmas tree they are to have lanterns. They intend to have lights but of a winter theme instead of a christmas one"

North Yorkshire
"CHRISTMAS and Easter have been scrubbed from a college’s calendars in case they offend non-Christians.Holidays at these times will now be referred to simply as “end of term breaks”.
The move will “increase inclusion and diversity”, claim bosses at Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough, North Yorks. They claim this is in line with Ofsted guidelines.
But Ofsted has confirmed there are no such guidelines: "Ofsted inspection guidance for colleges makes no reference whatsoever to the observance of religious festivals," a spokeswoman said.

Middle America Rises Don't take the Christ out of Christmas

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles urged councils to take pride in Britain's Christian heritage; celebrating the nativity and all the traditions that have sprung up around it from tinsel and tree lights to turkey.
"We should actively celebrate the Christian basis of Christmas, and not allow politically correct Grinches to marginalise Christianity and the importance of the birth of Christ.

Conclusion, it is all the work of beardy secularists claiming to be acting either under guidlines which do not exist or on behalf of those of other faiths who are not offended.

Any further examples of public body Xmas inanity welcome and will be updated if appropriate.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cancun*s; UN to take over the world

Just as the edifice of Climate Change crumbles the scoffers at Cancun are quietly handing over the West to control by the UN with the sole intention of giving all our stuff to grubby third world shitholes.

joannenova blog. The abdication of the West

Wednesday, 8 December 2010



Daily Mash on AssangeGate

I don't claim to understand how this works, just passing it on to those who pass by.

h/t Katabasis

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Polar Bears drowning FRAUD, update and fishy news

Last week I posted this pic Cancun c*nts purportedly showing polar bears exhibiting 'new' behavior in the wake of Climate Change.

Via Paul @
I learn that

"The photograph ) was taken by Mrs Angela Plumb on a holiday in Spitsbergen more than four years ago, on July 21, 2006.
(4 and a half years ago!).
It then formed the basis of a scientific paper written by Jon Aars, a Norwegian polar bear expert.(the author has) read this paper. It speculates that the cubs may ride on their mothers’ backs to avoid the cold water, as they don’t have the thick layer of blubber that allows adult bears to swim in icy temperatures for hours.
But there’s no proof of this, as polar bears can’t speak English or Norwegian so cannot tell us why they do what they do. The paper accepts that bear cubs may always have done this.
Jon Aars himself said to me that polar bear cubs have ridden on their mothers’ backs for ages. ‘What we do not know is whether or not it is happening more frequently than it used to,’ he says."

Paul got this information from Greenie Watch blog , they don't provide page links but the site is always a good read for those on the lookout for Climate phonies.

Greenies tell many lies; one of these is that fish stocks are depleting in response to so-called climate change and the associated acidification of the oceans but photos can also tell another story.
The UK Daily Telegraph (Dec. 3rd) published a stunning photograph of a salmon by Alex Mustard, Mr Mustard was on the Fraser River in British Columbia to capture on film the biggest salmon migration for 100 years!
Yet on the same day in the same paper that old trout Louise Gray was spouting yet more tosh along the lines of "Salmon rely on tiny shellfish when they go out to sea and feed before returning to rivers like the Tay in Scotland or the Test in Hampshire.
However these sea snails are in danger from ocean acidification
(Really, why?).
A United Nations report by the University of Plymouth has warned that fish higher up the food chain like salmon may suffer as a result. If Plymouth was a proper university I might take a bit more notice but probably not because academics are all in on the scam because alarmist reports = more funding.

Here's her crap if you can be bothered
She's only had 34 comments in week and most of those are saying her stuff is shite.

Here are some bears fighting over diminishing food resources as a result of 20,000 squandering maniacs in Cancun.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ramjam, thank you ma'am

Mojinder Bal laughed when colleague Amid Uddin began flying a toy helicopter round the office, ‘landing’ the device on desks and cabinets.
Sue Ramjan-Coley, suggested Mr Uddin land the device "on Mo's turban - he's got a flat surface"

Mr Bal then told Ms Ramjan-Coley she was ‘obsessed’ with his turban and suggested she get one for herself. To this Ramjam replied ‘I could do with one, I'm having a bad hair day",

Thus far a bit of harmless office banter until Mr Bal took offence. Did he remonstrate with Ms Ramjam or Mr Uddin? No, he sued his employer, Jobcentre Plus, because it seems they are now deemed responsible for the banter of their employees. Jobcentre Plus is a government office, paid for by me, the taxpayer.

Mr Bal has made 44 other such allegations against Jobcentre Plus, most of them were rejected by the Court but although Ms Ramjan denied suggesting the helicopter be landed on the claimant's turban, the judge ruled against the Jobcentre, and found that the comments were ‘inherently racist’
so Mr. Bal will be getting substantial compensation from me via my taxes..

Now leaving aside why state sector workers think it is proper to be larking around in the office with a toy helicpoter and leaving aside how piss poor petty and pathetic it is to go to court about such trivia, I can see another problem.

These people came to our country to better themselves. We introduced laws to prevent them being discriminated against or being racially abused yet here they are, "racially abusing" each other and laughing all the way to the bank with the proceeds. What a wretched country we have become
I got this story from the UK Daily Telegraph but they are slackers when it comes to archiving their stuff so here's a link to the Daily Mail

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oh come Ye Offended

Come and be offended

I'm not religious 'though nominal Church Of England and do recognise the enormous influence of the church on my cultural baggage. I get really pissed off with the white, liberal, guilt-mongering, apologist fucktards who seek to rip the Christianity out of Christmas with their poxy 'Wintervals' and 'Festivals of Light' replacing traditional Carol Festivals. What really annoys me is that they presume to speak for Moslems and those of other faiths who "might be offended" by overt displays of Christian symbolism within their host country but when you discuss this with actual members of those other faiths they are horrified and see the secularist 'wintervalites' as attacking Religion in general, including their own.

So, just to annoy them I went to the trouble of investing £14.99 in an illuminated Christmas tableaux with an explictly Christan theme; to be displayed in a window of my home that can be seen all the way down my street. So come on you professional Offendees, come and be Offended and, if that doesn't work, try this

"fuck off and die, spac-brained cunts". Happy now?. Still not offended enoough?

An American view Frugal Café although in many ways they are just as bad, what with their "Happy Holidays", what's wrong with "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"?

Christmas in Palestine

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

UK Crisis Report

Chilly snap hits Britain in December: Shock! Country closes down.

Gatwick airport closes down at -2degrees C.

Motorways reduced to lorry parks and closed.

4,000 schools closed.

Scotland Closed.

Railways closing down

Stanstead airport closed

London orbital mortorway closed

Police advise "Only go to the pub when absolutly essential, carry blankets, shovels and hot drinks"

Sally 'mad dog' Traffic on BBC Radio 2 "There are so many roads closed that I can't read them all, go visit your local radio website"

Plucky Britain, "Keep Calm and Give UP"

Met Office Climate Change Extremists answer the question

Why is it so cold and snowy?
"Deepest snow since 1965" Must be all that global warming LOL :)

Meanwhile, from somewhere that gets really cold, Pat Condell on Sweden, Rape Capital of Europe.

h/t callingengland