Thursday, 22 December 2011

punishing deniers II

18 months ago I posted about creeping denialism, the process whereby it is becoming illegal to deny ever more historical events and more and more governments take it upon themselves to pronounce the verdict of history.

Banned, punishing deniers June 2010

Update 6th Jan 2012
Christopher Hitchins (R.I.P.) on Denial law.

Now the French are at it, making it illegal to deny the Armenian Holocaust of 1915 courtesy remnant Ottoman Turkish Empire. Fuck me, it's not even their own country yet they presume to know what's what (a position the USA shrank from quite recently despite widespread lobbying by American Armenians).

Turkey and France in diplomatic row over Armenian genocide bill

I suspect that France might be correct in that the genocide did take place and have no particular sympathy for our supposed ally Turkey but WTF are France to decide and, more to the point, who will decide to outlaw banning what historical viewpoint next?

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Woman on a Raft said...

Spot on but let's get the popcorn in for this fabulous clash of laws since it amounts to a bar across the door of Turkish entry to the EU.

banned said...

Thank you WoaR, I hadn't thought of the EU/Turkey aspect. I'd have no obection to them joining (more fool them) once they had negotiated the return of Constantinople to Christendom as a Protectorate of The Vatican and given over the last of their conquests in Thrace to a new homeland for Copts, Chaldeans and other Christians currently being persecuted in Molsem states.

Next Venezuala will make it illegal to deny the American Genocide of First Americans, Germany will make it illegal to repeat the vicious slander that her WW1 troops stabbed babies and raped nuns; Argentina will declare it illegal to deny the Spanish Genocide of South American Indians while Australia makes it illegal to deny that the Brits were in charge so the Genocide of their much loved Aboriginals was all our fault and Cambodia makes it illegal to deny that they were responsible for Genociding themselves.

Any other suggestions, anyone?

Fausty said...

WoaR - was just about to make the same point!

Interestingly, the EU wants to boost relations with Armenia:

I assume that this will be cover:

* labour flows between the EU and Armenia;
* trade;
* fuel pipeline deals;
* pre-war positioning (between the West and plunderable countries.

banned said...

Hi Fausty, interesting link, thank you.
"* pre-war positioning plus also exo-EU boltholes to harbour ill-gotten gains, booty and newly illegal persons fearful of the wrath of the people.

Ron Russell said...

Revisionist are always at work! Being a retired American history teacher I see this in todays text books. Many events are deleted and seemingly insignificate events of the past are expanded in an attempt to increase their importance. Just the way it is!!!!!

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi banned:
Merry Christmas Wishes to you and yours from the USA. Have a Happy & Healthy New Year, too.

All Seeing Eye said...

Merry Christmas from a warmer part of the globe, banned!

banned said...

Hi Ron, sorry to hear thatin the USA, just like the good old USSR, certainly is here. I'm sure we could have many 'lively' conversations about the history of our two countries but meanwhile Happy Christmas!

banned said...

Thank you and likewise Conservative Lady and All Seeing Eye; as for you other Johnny Come Lately well wishers:

Merry Christmas one and all.

I will be spending what is left of Christmas Day with my old friend Laphroig watching Xmas carols on Youtube.

Visitors will not be recieved.

banned said...

Why isn't Laurel and Hardy on the telly this morning? It always was when I was young, waiting to open my presents. What a mess this country is.

Barnacle Bill said...

Yes I'm missing L&H but at least we had the proper A Christmas Tale with Alistair Sim last night.
Which I always start my Christmas with.
Anyway a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to one and all.

banned said...

Hi Bill and and a Merry Christmas to you too.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Banned, let's forget about the horrors of the NWO, EU and all the madness, and I wish you and yours a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

banned said...

Hi Bunni, what a cheery thought, thank you!

James Higham said...

What can I say? Agreed.

Ron Russell said...

Hi Banned, sitting here in my little Man-Cave thinking about the state of things over which I have little control and wishing I could sit down with someone like you who understands the past and its bearing on the future! We are oceans apart as the crow flies, but next door neighbors in our thoughts. Seldom do I come across someone who has your understanding of the unfolding events.

Thanks for linking to my Political Incorrectness its a new site and I only post occasionally. I linked back for what its worth!

Again its nice to have a friend such as you across the pond and as this old world turns may our dreams for a better life come to pass.

Randroid3000 said...

It seems like historical revisionists will never stop. I have a political blog myself, and I'd appreciate followers.
Love your blog

banned said...

Thanks for your kind words Ron, sorry I've not been around much recently.

banned said...

Mother Jones, welcome to my blog, quiet as it is at the moment.

Woodsy42 said...

And how long before the French come to arrest you with a European arrest warrant if you dare to deny said holocaust on your English blog?


Lets be honest; who actually gives a shit about which bunch of bloody foreigners killed another bunch of bloody foreigners.
Especially when its emanating from the Shitpot country of France