Sunday, 27 March 2011

"Thanks" is nice

Last Friday (March 25th) UK Daily Telegraph printed a great photo illustrating a story about the Libya No Fly Zone showing a group of Benghazi youths and older men demonstrating in support of the NFZ.
Their placard read

"Thanks to
USA, Canada, UK
Italy. france
(to?)* Save our Country"

* obscured.

I thought it was a really nice gesture and made a pleasant change from us being the great or lesser Satan. I had been hoping to share it with you and have been searching the Telegraph site which has dozens of photos of things being blown up and Cameron looking important, but in vain because they are such slackers.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Libya No Fly Zone, have your say

Petition to the UN Security Council

Target, 1 million signatures worldwide.
Currently 560,125, not many from UK but it is 03:30 Weds am.

"As Qaddafi's jets drop bombs on the Libyan people, the UN Security Council will decide in 48 hours whether to impose a no-fly zone to keep the government's warplanes on the ground.

Together, we've already flooded the Security Council with messages, "overwhelming" the President's office and helping to win serious targeted sanctions on the Libyan regime - now, to stop the bloodshed, we need a massive outcry of 1 million messages for a no-fly zone.

If Qaddafi can't dominate the air, he loses a key weapon in a war in which civilians are paying the heaviest price. But as long as his helicopter gunships and bombers are in the air, the death toll will rise. "


Update 10th March.
Gaddafi plays the race card. Blames it all on Gypos and Pakis "targeting youngsters and brainwashing them with weapons, drugs and sometimes money. "

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bacon haten

After the smokers and drinkers now they come for the red meat eaters.

Red meat report: three slices of ham a day is limit, says official advice

"Eating red meat is fine" says Libby from the Spurious Advice Alliance "but we should all cut down just a tiny bit to reduce cases of arse cancer from 10,000; about 70 grammes a day is fine" (per anum? all fatal? She does not say).
Asked what the advised "70 grammes" means she suggested 3 rashers of bacon. Oh really Libby? Dunno what stingy purveyor of bacon lite she uses but this
is 220 grammes of Tesco bacon half of which makes a nice sandwich so that's my rasher ration fucked before I've got dressed.

What this mean minded miserablist bansturbation is really about is a rear-entry attack on methane belching cows and sheep. You remember methane, that deadly fart gas that is TWENTY TIMES more Climate Change causing than deadly CO2!

Now, about that pic of Piper Alpha above. You will recall that, among other horrors, 300,000 tons of spooky methane were released during that disaster so we're all gonna die. Where has it gone?
It's been eaten by bacteria and all bar 11 (yes, eleven single tons) has completly disappeared in a superb example of the Earth Goddess looking after herself. You might think the Gaia crowd would be cock-a-hoop at this proof of earths self-healing powers but they are strangely silent.
This nugget was revealed by no less than Geoffrey Lean, High Warmist In Chief at UKs Daily Telegraph

Geoff Leans Warmist bollox

but he does not bother to archive it.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011