Thursday, 19 May 2011

Strauss-Kahn Escapes

New York Times 30th May 2011

NYPD have launched a dragnet for this terrorist

whom they believe appeared mysteriously from New Yorks East River before making his way to the Secure Bail Apartment of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and ninjaing all the guards except the one that Strauss-Kahn had already neutralised by shouting "Ah fucking oon you you sleazy liddle men an' ah oon zee zecuridy ferme you werk fer" before tossing him his wifes tiara.
The terrorist then disabled the multimillion dollar security system by pointing a laser pen at it before the trio escaped the apartment via the fire escape ladders and fled New York in an amusingly retro Triumph Dolomite (pictured)

Upstate New Yorkers failed to spot Dominique Strauss-Kahn even though his Attorney had told the Court that he was now one of the most recognised faces on earth (pictured with label)

Apart from reports of random violence along Rout 87 nothing more was seen of them until they were observed on a microlite flying over the St. Lawrence River and it is believed that Strauss-Kahn has now gone to ground within the Québécoise Community before preparing to be smuggled to France for a heros welcome and a Presidential Reception
Smirking Strauss-Kahn

In a further twist the FBI have sent a rendition demand to England for this man

UK Justice Minister Ken Clarke on a charge of Hate Crime by suggesting that raping hotel maids is not really rape provided quite a lot of money changes hands soon after.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Libya, Ashton Acts

Much maligned EU Foreign Supremo 'Baroness' 'Cathy' Ashton today confounded her detractors by announcing, after just three months, the dynamic news that she will be establishing an EU Office in Benghazi, an Office no less. "Take that and shove it Gaddafi, and what's left of your family, LOL" she quipped in response to Free Libyas repeated requests for financial and military assistance backed up by proven oil derived assets and not the usual third world scrounging.

Cautious 'Cathy' with other Arabs who happen to be Freedom Seekers in Gaza, near Israel, and definitely not terrorists.

So called 'Lady' Ashton said that the EU intended to open the office “so that we can move forward on the support we’ve discussed to the people … to support civil society"

Yes thanks, but what about the GUNS?

"I will ensure that the free peoples of Benghazi have full access to brochures, leaflets and other media to enable them to make informed choices about our Common Agricultural Policy, how to access the Schengen free movement area and the many other benefits of the EU." said the embattled Baroness.

Cafe Ashtray, as she is fondly nicknamed by those worried that she has never had a proper job nor been elected by anyone for anything, faced criticism upon her appointment since no-one knew who the fuck she was but she self assuredly responded with “I think for quite a few people, they would say I am the best for the job and I was chosen because I am,” followed up with
“Judge me on what I do and I think you will be pleased and proud of me.”
Yes, Cathy, pleased and proud, that's what we are.

Meanwhile reports that "Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski visited the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi on Wednesday..." Ha, Sikorski, that name certainly rings a few bells, much more so than Cathy Ashton and her poxy Office.

Dazed And Confused, welcome.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Pat Condell on bin Laden

h/t Max Farquar

And here, by way of "balance", is Australias very own (Caucasian) Anjam Choudray, Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, formerly Shannon Conlon.

h/t Gates Of Vienna

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Green is Gay, the Solution

Part 1, previous post

Appalled at youngsters lack of interest in climate change and greenery the presenter went looking for a solution and found it in academia.
5 Universities, no less, have projects inviting Young People to come up with 'cool gadgets' to get other youngsters engaged and make Green Cool, "that is the key, not us oldies preaching at them". One such gadget places sensors all around the home, these detect the young persons power useage from ipods, X boxes, TVs, phone chargers and, if it decides the Young Person is being Green it lights up a "happy icon" on their Facebook Status page.
How fucking cool is that!!!

Another nerdy child (US Dorky kid) came up with clothing that has photo-electric cells attached to power up your phone on the move. Now it's been some decades since I took an interest in Yoof Fashion but I can imagine no generation that might think it cool to arrive with bits of metal dangling off you and with wires sticking out (post-punk irony perhaps?).

He also found someone who has developed a computer strategy game based on Climate Change and all things Green who again feels that it is important not to lecture Young People but to let them discover for themselves the consequences of mans recklessness through gaming. For instance if the player opts for a strategy of promoting biofuels to stave off peak oil and save the environment that will lead him to discover consequent starvation in the third world but, "oh no, it's not lecturing, they discover it for themselves."
He conceded that he might struggle in a market dominated by the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario Galaxy and World Of Warcraft but thinks that Young People might take it up if they were given it as a present (yeah, just like I was given 'improving' books as a child which went unread).
They managed to corner one child who said that he "might take a look at it to see what he needed to do to "turn the world into a burning hell-hole". His very words, bless.

Green is Gay, Yay !

Britains teenagers have been exposed to warmist bollox their entire lives so todays BBC Radio 4 programme "Cost The Earth" spent half an hour examining the results.

The presenter spoke that "engage the issues" language which I can't be arsed with but he started off by telling us that our teenagers had the advantage of information from television, including the BBCs very own "Eco Beebies", youth groups such as The Scouts, Govt. information campaigns, schools and films like Avatar and some others that I can't remember but also Al Gores 'An Inconvenient Truth' without mentioning that it had been right Royally fisked by our very own High Court.

So then he went out to interview The Kids but all he got was
"Climate change? that's the wevver changin' innit".
(in that nasty London urban guttural that is a symbiosis of faked up Jamaican and Sarf London cockerny) and
" I don' really care 'bout the envirament, I just live me larf from day to day right"

Of course what they really said was

"Ger-reeen!?! go fuck yerself, bitch; Ger-reen is so fucking GAY an' all that Climate Change bollox you been shovin' up my ass so go on, piss off before I have to really fuck you up, big time, fucking nonce".

Beeboid would have responded "You really can't say that on the BBC, 'Gay' is a Good Word, erm yes ok we're leaving... SECURITY!!!"

So are we surprised that ten or twenty years of hectoring and lecturing the young of the lower orders about their evil ways has produced such hostility?

The presenter went on to lament about how he had found examples of schoolboys being 'labelled' (gay) for bringing "organic Cheese'n'Onion crisps (US chips)" to school and that being an adherant of Green Issues was likely to result in being bullied.

Oh, really ? While not condoning bullying it comes as no surprise that being a Greenie is the modern day version of being a swot or a grass or teachers pet (let's not go there).

Part Two tomorrow (it gets worse)