Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nostrodamus was right !

Thing about Nostradamus and his supposed visions is that it is all well and good being clever in retrospect. I know that his 'visions' were of the future but what happens is that something big and bad occurs like WW2 or 9/11 or the souffle does not rise and then the usual pundits scour his quatrains for something that vaguely fits the bill and declare how clever Nostradamus must have been, and, by extension, themselves for having spotted it.

So how about

"The Third World War, which will last three years and seven months will occur with an invasion (of Europe) by a combined army of Russians and Moslems The ungodly alliance of Marxist and Mohammedan will succeed where Hitler failed".

That appeared in the Sunday Telegraph (21st Aug) in their "In this paper thirty Years ago" snip.

We may not be that much worried about Russians now and we were not the least bit worried about Moslems then.

But we are worried about Marxists, albeit internal traitors, hiding behind whatever labels and Extremist Moslems (as very distinct from devout Moslems) intent upon our demise.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

perfect storm: England Riots

Like others I've trawled Youtube for "london riots", most are rubbish or rehashes of news shots but this is the best one that I've found. Well produced and commentated, I don't agree with many of the views put forward but the conclusion is excellent

@ 30 mins, well worth watching (apart from mad old git Darcus Howe droning on as usual)

Monday, 15 August 2011

location location location

London Riots

London Olympics


lickyalips 16:40 Monday 15th August in response to Boris Johnson (US, Conservative Mayor of London)

London riots: this is no time to be squeamish
Thought I'd save it before it got modded out.

"What is happening on the
streets of London and other major cities? Are we to believe that a few
angry youths, armed with Blackberry phones are orchestrating a wave of
looting, arson and violence in areas of London and across UK? Unlikely.
Something just does not seem right?

Local police themselves report 'unknown' police
units - not supporting units brought in from other police districts
outside London, but unknown units, being present. We have seen the use
of state 'agents provocateur' being used in other scenarios be it G8 G20
protests, animal rights and anti nuclear. One policeman, PC Mark
Kennedy, was of course brave enough to admit publically that he was used
to infiltrate and stir up green activists.

Why would the State want to stir up trouble? The
answer is simple. Violence on the street rouses passion for action in
good law abiding people. They want action. They want a reaction. Having
started massive cuts of our own police Cameron and this whole rotten
House of Westminster can now call for European Police to be brought in
to help British police. With British armed forces also being cut,
especially the army, the Cameron, Clegg and Miliband cronies can also
call for European troops to be brought into Britain. Once on the streets
they will never leave. Backed by the Civil Contingencies Act (the
equivalent of Hitler's Enabling Act) we can all be locked into a
dictatorship that much faster and easier.

What can we do? Firstly we do not need or want
violence on the streets. Aside from hurting neighours and destroying
communities, violence actually justifies government aggression and
clampdowns. We play into their hands. Do you want to react then rebel
lawfully. Lawful Rebellion is about acting within the law, and
especially common law to take action. Please visit the British Constitution
Group and Lawful Rebellion to learn more. However, Lawful
Rebellion is not soft. As a simple example, stop paying your council tax
until the State stops breaking our Common Law, and we will hurt the
state far more than kicking in a shop window. You will also not be in
danger of cutting your feet.

If an organisation, group, individual or website
promotes hatred or violence, then it is not part of Lawful Rebellion,
and should be avoided. Strange isn't it though that when 600 people
protested peacefully at Birkenhead, 38 police vehicles were present and
streets were blocked, and a Judge was arrested for conducting an
unlawful court, the BBC failed to report anything. A government
propaganda agency or what? Take care. Be happy. Whilst this corrupt
banking elite and government system is brought to justice."

h/t lickyalips

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A-B of looters

Here is the Daily Telegraphs summary of the first tranche of defendants to appear before the Magistrates for looting and associated crimes, draw your own conclusions (though it is a bit strange to compile an alphabet list based on first names). It does not include juveniles who are listed under 'C', Child.

Aaron Grima M 22 Manchester City Assault
Aaron Hugh Mulholland M 30 Tower Bridge Burglary
Aaron Israel M 21 City of Westminster Violent disorder
Aaron Mulholland M
Aaron Samuels M 29 Croydon Burglary
Aaron Warwood M 18 Birmingham Possession of a knife
Aaron Young M 20 Camberwell Green Violent disorder
Abbas Larti M 22 Tower Bridge Burglary
Abdelhak Hamraoui M 36 Highbury Burglary
Abdiasis Ibrahim M 20 Croydon Burglary
Abdul Majid M 18 Manchester Receiving stolen goods (BBC journalist mobile)
Abdullah Ansari M 22 City of Westminster Burglary
Adam El-wahabi M 21 City of Westminster Violent disorder
Adam Ozdas M 19 Highbury Receiving stolen goods.
Adam Sieniuc M 20 Croydon Burglary
Adel Driouch M 19 City of Westminster Violent disorder
Adellah Snape F 30 Birmingham Theft
Adewumi Adebayo M 19 Tower Bridge Theft
Adrian Joseph Cotton 25 Highbury Burglary
Ahmed Al-jaf M 18 City of Westminster Violent disorder
Ahmed Diakhaby M 19 Highbury Burglary with intent to steal
Ahmed Farah M 27 Westminster Possession of a knife
Aidan Curwen 18 Northampton City Encouraging commission
Alexander Elliott-johill M 18 Camberwell Burglary other than dwelling
Alexis Bailey M 31 Highbury Intent to steal
Ali Ladji Ford M 18 Camberwell Green Violent disorder
Alicia Smith F 20 Croydon Burglary
Amerpreet Gill M 23 Birmingham Burglary other than dwelling
Amir Mostafa M 21 City of Westminster Violent disorder
Amir Shar M 18 Westminster Violent disorder
Andrew Barlow M 25 Croydon Burglary
Andrew Bradburn M 22 Liverpool Using threatening and unlawful violence
Andrew Britten M 22 Nottingham Burglary, other than dwelling
Antany Edwards M 23 Nottingham Violent disorder and arson with intent to endanger life
Anthony Akueruka M 23 City of Westminster Affray
Anthony Gristock 23 Cardiff Incitement to violent disorder
Anthony Robinson 24 Birmingham Using unlawful violence
Anthony Winder M 38 Manchester City Intent to steal
Arjun Tassinari M 18 Tower Bridge Burglary
Armin Naserbakht M 22 City of Westminster Burglary
Asha Mcdevitt M 28 Nottingham Violent disorder

UK riots: suspects, statistics and cases mapped and listed

Perhaps the Police were picking on people with exotic names.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

pointless looting

Can someone please explain the point of looting Poundland ?

"In this brief clip from Sky News, a reporter interviews a young businessman about his experiences during the recent riots. You’ll notice that she is absolutely unwilling — or unable — to allow him to continue until he affirms the Multiculti Creed, and agrees that yes, there must have surely been some white people among the looters and rioting thugs."

h/t gates of vienna

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I don't own a TV because it is full of rubbish and SOOooo C20th. but once in a while something genuinely good must come along (give a thousand monkeys a typewriter...).
I came across The Pranker being promoted on a BBC Radio pop/chat show and I'm pleased that I did because even if I had a telly I would not watch the channel that it's on, BBC3, since it is generally full of all that is bad about the Beeb.

(Caution, some bad words)

The fat bald guy is not Ray Winstone but a genuine member of the public being put upon by the moustache guy who is the comedian/presenter Ross Lee, a New Talent apparently.