Thursday, 29 September 2011

Consulation Coalition style.

On Tuesday I roared across town and idly noticed that "they" had done yet more alterations to that end of the High Street that they keep fucking up. This time where the Taxi rank used to be they had daubed double yellow lines and the extra upright lines on the kerb which means "Super NO PARKING", plus some strange black and white chequerboad on the kerbstones "Supa Ultra + NO PARKING" ? though I've never seen that in the Highway Code. Oh dear, they've shifted the Taxi rank even further away from the pedestrianised area and the multiple bus stops too. My, how sad that they have also removed those few short term parking bays that were so handy for the disabled and elderly when doing their shopping.

Today, Thursday 29th Sept, I was reading my weekly local paper which had a major article detailing proposed new arrangements for the City Centre which are total bollox and will cause all sorts of problems but never mind because we The Public and our local businesses are going to be "CONSULTED". You know, asked our opinion, do we think it will work, could it be done another way? We are to be consulted for 2 hours one wet and windy evening later in October in a Primary School with no car park and, now, even less on street parking.
The jist of it is to make yet more of the City car free which I don't have a problem with since it was car free from Roman times until quite recently.

Hold on, thinks I; they have already created all the infrastructure to enforce their stupid new scheme. What sort of consultation is that? Consultation? Insultation more like!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"You can't say THAT"

"...Immigration. Because the reason we don’t have any housing is that we have 400,000 extra people coming in here every year and doing jobs that our young people could do.”
“And that’s just the ones we know about,”
“Yes!” says Joan, throwing her dainty little jewel-encrusted and manicured hands in to the air. Exactly!"

Joan Collins in an interview in UK Daily Telegraph 12th September 2011; why was this not followed by the howl-storm that greeted David Starkeys recently much maligned comments?
Joan Collins says "too many immigrants"

Is it because the lefty liberals simply don't care what a washed up old has-been has to say or is it because they are unwilling to tackle such a National Treasure and risk a humiliating defeat a la Joanna Lumley and her magnificent Gurkha campaign?

26th Sept update
Ed Miliband (leader of UKs Socialist opposition party)

"We were wrong on immigration and harmed the working class"

Monday, 19 September 2011

When Polar Bears Attack

Caution contains violence and is noisy.

"The bears appeared to be living in abandoned houses and were roaming the town in small groups of five. At the end of August, the animals were chased away from the town, but not before local people had endured a living hell at the hands of the unwelcome guests"

H/T Russia Today

Thursday, 15 September 2011

techie help please

Of late I have been unable to use "ctrl C/V" to copy and paste stuff which is only really a problem with embed codes. Also I periodically lose all sounds but that is resolved by System Restore.
By process of elimination I have found that I lose sounds exactly when I attempt "Ctrl C"; strange but true, any helpers?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fall of Tripoli

Extraordinary frontline report as France 24 follows the expatriot Libyan rebel civilian Tripoli Brigade into Tripoli; posted on Youtube 9th September