Saturday, 26 May 2012

WTF? Alcohol in bags only?

I just walked to my local Co-Op (US: Co-Op = socialist convenience store but I'm not proud) to buy my usual Saturday 1/2 bottle of Smirnoff ('35cl or 13.1 Units, 728 calories, 3-4 X the daily limit blah blah as advised by the UK Chief Medical Officer' on the label) and was about to slip it into my trouser pocket when the salesgirl said (embarrassed)
"Actually we have to put it in a bag now"
"What, since when?"
"We was only told yesterday, it's a Fine innit Stan?"
"I think someone just made that up. I keep my eye out for this sort of nonsense and have heard nothing about it but do what you have to do".
She proffered me the newly bagged bottle of booze which, instead of being discreetly tucked about my person, I allowed to hang loosely from my wrist, dangling in the breeze because, guess what?
Since it's the Co-Op, it's a see-thru fucking bag!