Thursday, 19 July 2012

If you protest we can kill you

Chunkymark on the Death By Police of Ian Tomlinson (R.I.P.) Caution nsfw Police officer Simon Harwood cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson no comments allowed on this Telegraph report.
Inspector Gadget on the job Loads of comments here!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"F*****g Black C..t !"

"F*****g Black C**t!" Seems from the trial of some footballer (US = soccer player) that the above phrase amounts to criminally abusive behaviour. But, according to reports in our dear old Daily Telegraph, John Terry racism trial it is not the "*****" words that caused the 'offence' but noticing that the offendee is Black though not particularly bothered at the time. Calling someone a Cunt is not the issue, not even calling them a 'Fucking Cunt', but call them a Fucking Black Cunt will bring the law down upon you. Finally (from the DT) "It emerged today that the only person who initially complained to police about Terry was an off-duty police officer watching the game on television." Fucking wanker, black, white or whatever.